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Smart Electrical offers an array of high-end appliances ranging from robot vacuums to no plumbing ice makers. Our products are always in excellent working condition, so you always get your money’s worth. Check our list of available featured items below!

LG Washer and Dishwasher with Direct Drive Motor

LG Dishwasher

The LG Washer and Dishwasher feature a direct drive motor that’s both powerful and slim. This saves a lot of internal space, thus, allowing you to place more serving dishes, plates, or utensils.


  • Truesteam – Experience spot-free cleaning performance thanks to LG’s Truesteam technology. This steam generator builds up high temperature steam that can reach up to 95⁰C in temperature. The steam molecules that entered via the two nozzles attach to the dirt particles so they get melted away. This’ll remove the need for a pre-wash.
  • Steam Dual Spray - The dishwasher has an upper rack and lower rack. Each container has separate water pressures. You can place delicate wine glasses in the upper rack and load heavy pasta pots in the bottom one.
  • Smart Diagnosis - if there’s any problem, the dishwasher can transfer troubleshooting details to the customer interactive centre via phone.

LG No Plumbing Ice-maker and Water Dispenser

LG Freezer

True to its name, this type of refrigerator has its own built-in water and ice dispenser. This means that you don’t have to use untidy hoses or drill holes in your cabinets just to install the pipes. Just plug the fridge when you need to use it; simple as that. This refrigerator features a built-in 3-litre water tank so you can always enjoy a refreshing glass of cool water every time.


  • Slim Indoor Ice Maker - The ice maker only measures 135mm and it’s installed in the fridge door so that you can have wider shelf space.
  • Moisture Balance Crisper - Features a lattice structure that stores the moisture that’s evaporated from vegetables and fruits so they’ll remain fresh and crisp for longer.
  • Taller Ice and Water Dispenser - Whether you have a tall or small glass, this fridge can accommodate them all.
  • Tempered Glass Shelves – These shelves are sturdier and more resistant to cracks and breakage.
  • Pure ‘N’ Fresh - Thanks to this innovative air purification system, you can say goodbye to smelly fridge odours. It features a fan-assisted carbon deodoriser that filters odour-filled air.
  • BioShield – The door seals on this LG fridge have anti-bacterial agents that eliminate bacteria and moulds.

LG Dishwasher

LG Dishwasher

Spend lesser time in cleaning large amounts of dishes with the LG Dishwasher with Smartrack. Its innovative design allows you to adjust the baskets for hassle-free loading of plates, serving dishes, and bowls. It also has an internal cavity so you can fit larger baking sheets or pasta pots.


  • Smart Diagnosis - If the dishwasher encounters any trouble, it can emit audible signals and transfer troubleshooting details to the customer interactive centre (CIC) via phone.
  • Inverter Direct Drive System - The direct drive system acts as the heart of the LG dishwasher. It can control the spray intensity and the water circulation inside the appliance.
  • Huge Capacity - Since the inverter direct drive motor has a slimmer build, you have an additional 10L of available space. This means that you don’t need a second wash.

Dyer and Washer Steam Option

LG Washer

This frontload washer has an ultra-large 15kg washing capacity and 7.5kg drying capacity. It’s the only washer that features LG’s innovative Truesteam technology. It also features 6 different for an impressive wash.


  • 6 Washing Motions - With six different motions, you can accommodate different types of apparel from sportswear to delicate dresses.
  • Steam Refresh - If you need to wear your shirt or blouse for the second time, but don’t want to put them through a full wash cycle, you can use the steam refresh option instead. This option removes bad odours and wrinkles in a short time.
  • Allergy care cycle - The steam inside the drum maintains a constant 50~60°C temperature to dissolve particles that may trigger any allergic reaction.

Robot Vacuum

LG robot vacuum

Cleaning your home just go easier with these robotic vacuums from LG. These highly-advanced cleaners use on-board cameras to analyse their surroundings, map their paths, and effectively utilise their space.


On-board Intelligence - these robotic vacuums can respond to commands sent via a remote control. They are also programmed to dock themselves to their charging station if their battery is running low.

Dual Eye Mapping - It has two onboard cameras that can accurately measure your home space.

Ultra-quiet cleaning – Features noise-reducing technology so that the vacuum can operate at just 60 decibels.

Lightwave Oven

LG lightwave oven

LG has advanced lightwave ovens that boast of multi-heating system to cooker healthier and more delicious meals in a hassle-free manner. The oven retains the natural flavours of the ingredients and gives a crisper texture on the inside and a juicy one on the outside.


Speed Grilling - This lightwave oven has a powerful halogen heater to increase surface heat and thoroughly cook the food. It also retains moisture in the dish so it’s bursting with flavour after cooking it.

Speed Cooking-– This cooking appliance provides you with several cooking option – Microwave, Grill, and Convection Oven. There’s also the Speed Combi option wherein you can combine the first 3 cooking option and prepare your meals 3 times faster.

Easy Cleaning – All lightwave ovens from LG have a round cavity to make cleaning easier.