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Buying Guide - Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Smart Electrical Buying Guide Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Remember Lucy the maid from the cartoon show The Jetsons? It seemed like such a far-fetched idea a long time ago, but using automation technology to help us with household chores is not a novel thing in this day and age. Take for example, the prevalence of robotic vacuum cleaners that have revolutionized the way we manage tidying up our homes. However, before you buy yourself one of these dusting helpers, read our practical guide to get the most bang for your buck.

What do you need?

                The first issue you have to put away is deciding if to buy either:


a)      A simple, low-priced robot to clean all your hard flooring; or

b)      A higher-priced unit that has added features like a scheduler, memory sensors to detect dirt, or better transitioning from carpet to carpet.


Whatever you’ll choose, the bottom line is to buy according to your need. A simple robot is sufficient if you’re looking for something that would just supplement your upright vacuum cleaner. However, if you count on your machine to clean up most of your debris, a model with more features will always be a better choice.


Look at power and performance


Also, keep in mind that models differ in terms of the time they need to charge and the duration of their cleaning when the battery is full. The power capacities of these robots aren’t usually explicit, so make sure that the unit you’re purchasing is constructed with quality and that you are satisfied with its power capabilities.


Models also are dichotomized when it comes to charging:


a)      Home base vacuums - these require for the robots to hover to a “home base” or docking port for charging.

b)      Self-charging base – they have the ability to charge on their own and are very convenient to use.


Keep in mind other features that would help save battery such as “de-tangling” abilities. Most machines that have this are more efficient as they minimize energy spending.


Transitioning and stair detection abilities


                Robotic vacuums are best used on hard flooring but some models have advanced features that tech experts call “transitioning capabilities.” This means they have no problem going from different types of flooring like standard floors to low-level carpeting.


                Other models also have sensors that will alert the robot once they’ve come to the edge of stairs and make them turn around as it does.


Cleaning coverage and dirt detection


Sometimes, people have qualms with robotic vacuum cleaners because they assume that using one might be repetitive; as a robot would generally not know which area they’ve cleaned already and will repetitively go over a spot or two.


However, this contention is false as most robovacs have the “intelligence” to know if there are corners that are missed or if full area cleaning has been achieved.


There are also models that will detect if your floor need extra cleaning and will be programmed to linger on a spot that is very dirty.


Dust Bin Size


Most vacuum cleaner owners (even the traditional ones), know that dust bin size is a very important factor to consider when buying cleaning machines. You don’t want to be the consumer whose vacuum time is curtailed because your bins are filled to the brim quickly and require regular cleaning.


It’s always good to invest in a larger bin. When buying bins, always check how well it can be detached from the unit. Units that are hard to take off may pose potential problem because bins have to be emptied often for optimum performance.


Look for Special Features


The good thing about robovacs is that they’re becoming more and more sophisticated and improvement for future models is steadily rising. There are a multitude of features you still have to ponder on as most models either have them or not.

a)      Scheduler - Are you planning on just programming your vacuum to clean while you’re away? Some models offer a scheduler/timer which you can set before you leave the house, whilst others like LG schedule their machines conveniently via a smartphone app. With just a touch of a button, you can even turn on or off your little helper anytime you choose.

b)      Remote - On the other hand, remotes are handy so you can control your robovac like a little toy car. No need for bending when it comes to hard to reach places. Just direct your little helper to corners where you want it to go.

c)       Virtual Walls - The concept of virtual walls when it comes to vacuuming is truly revolutionary as it enables you to portion a part of the area you want to clean without adding physical barriers. The robovac can be hardwired to avoid certain parts or just stay within a parameter.

d)      Wall mounts - Another feature that clearly separates this machine from standard upright vacuums is the presence of “mounts”. Some models can automatically direct your vacuum to a mount or “base”, so it won’t be left idle around the house.

e)      Dressing your robot in different skins - For homeowners who are design-savvy, personalized “skins” in all shapes and colors are available. You may want to consider getting models that offer this so your robovac can blend inconspicuously with your house floors or walls and won’t be much of an aesthetic eyesore.

Availability of Replacement Parts

                Your device is only as good as your stock of replacements parts. Machines are not infallible things and really do breakdown or need refurbishing throughout the years. When you buy a model, also factor in whether you have a source for your replacement filters or brushes. Also compare service and warranties the brand you’re getting is offering.


Remember to read instructions carefully and study more sources for handy tips to make the most of your beloved robotic helper.