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Buying Guide - Kitchen & Cooking

Smart Electrical Buying Guide - Kitchen and Cooking

Having the right kitchen appliances is vital to making the perfect dish so choosing them wisely is important. Some of the more common kitchen appliances include cooking ovens, microwaves, fryers, cooktops, food processorss and dishwashers. This buying guide is here to help you decide which appliances are best for your kitchen.

Cooking Ovens:

The modern oven is what allows us to make delicious food in minutes. Anyone can be a master chef with the right oven. It is important to select the right oven size. There are three oven types: Built-in Single, Built-in Double, Built-Under.

Built-in single ovens will fit inside the oven housing and are ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments. These usually come with a grill; however, you can’t use both oven and grill at the same time. Built-in double ovens are almost identical to built-in single ovens; they need to be installed in the oven housing, except they have a much larger cooking capacity. Great for large meals such as turkey and roasted beef, the built-in double requires more space to use. Built-under ovens are made to fit between two cupboards. These freestanding double cavity ovens feature brackets.

Now here are the most popular types of home cooking ovens available today:

Electric Ovens - These ovens do not require an external gas connection to operate. They are user-friendly and best for baking and making pastries. The dry heat that this oven produces is ideal for browning and rising.

Gas Ovens - Gas powered ovens are economical and work even during power outages. These ovens produce “moist” heat, which is best for roasting meats and making rich pudding. Modern technological advancements allow these ovens to be precise for just about any type of dish.

Steam Ovens - Best for health-conscious cooks, steam ovens use heated water to cook food. Steam helps retain the nutritional content of ingredients, especially vegetables. Steaming also won’t dry food out and doesn’t add any extra oils and fats. Steam ovens are also generally easier to maintain.

Upright Ovens - These economical ovens have a cooktop built on top of them so as to save space. Upright ovens are available in both electric, gas, and dual fuel variants.


Cooktops are available in many different sizes and types. It is important for you to select the right one based on your kitchen size and your needs. This particular cooking appliance is known for its versatility in the kitchen.

Gas Cooktops - Powered by natural gas or liquid propane. Gas cooktops allow you better adjustment on the flame so you can cook food faster. Though they are expensive to install, gas cooktops are energy-efficient and much cheaper to maintain.

Electric Cooktops - Easier and cheaper to install, electric cooktops are a much safer alternative to gas cooktops which cause gas leaks. The trade-off however is a much slower change of temperature due to the lack of an open flame. Electric cooktops are available with a coil burner top or a ceramic surface, with the latter being much easier to clean.

Induction Cooktops - a recent innovation, induction cooktops combine the heating speed of a gas cooktop and the safety features of an electric cooktop. It works by using magnetic field-based heating which leads to faster cooking times and energy efficient usage. These appliances also allow you to place dishware anywhere on its surface.

Microwaves are small kitchen appliances that heat up food without taking up too much space. Most modern microwaves also have the ability to defrost and even bake. Ideal for quick and convenient cooking, there are two types: the conventional oven and the convection oven. Microwaves are fast, efficient, and easy to operate.

A subtype of microwave oven which is new to the market is the revolutionary lightwave oven from LG. It is designed with a multi-heating system so you can cook your food with less hassle. The lightwave oven also features a microwave grill, steam, and convection cooking technology. This oven also has other features that combine functions from other cookware -so it’s best to check this product out.

Things to Consider

Size & Capacity- When selecting kitchenware and cooking appliances, size is an important factor. Take measurements of where you are going to place your oven or cooktop and choose the appropriate appliance. It is equally important to select an appliance with the proper capacity. It is dangerous to overload these kinds of appliances. Creating a layout for your kitchen greatly helps with your cookware selection.

Controls & Settings -There is no need to complicate your life with controls you have no use for. It is best to get an appliance that you can easily understand and operate. Understand for what you are going to be using the appliance for and get the right one for the job.


Motor Washers and Dishwashers:

Dishwashers have revolutionized the way we clean up after meals. It is important to be aware the tips and tricks you utilize in order to get more out of your machine.

Things to Consider

You or Your Family’s Needs - Do you have a large family? How many dishes do you use per day? Are you planning on putting your pots and pans in the drier? Having a good idea of what your needs are can help you decide on a unit.

New Technology -There are a multitude of features out there in the market that can make all your cleaning processes easier. LG has the “Direct Drive Motor” feature that uses fewer moving parts whilst not compromising efficiency. There are also a lot of new washers that have sensors that can alert you to how dirty your dishes are, how much power the dishwasher will require to clean them, etc.

LG also has a new food disposal feature that eliminates the need for prewashing dishes in the sink.

Different Types of Dishwashers Available In The Market

Drawer Dishwashers - this kind is the latest to join the family. They are, in general, smaller so they enable you to wash smaller amounts of dishes without wasting much energy. This kind of dishwasher may not be okay for families that utilize a lot of dishes per day.

Portable and/or countertop dishwashers - please be reminded that although they’ve been introduced together in this guide, they are not the same thing. Both are movable in order to utilize space and plug into a kitchen faucet as water drains into a sink. If you live in a house with extremely small space, these two types may be a great option for you.