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Buying Guide - Home Entertainment

Smart Electrical Buying Guide-– Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment is applicable to any kind of lifestyle, and something that your house simply cannot be without. This includes your central TV set, audio system, and media players. We already have a guide for Television; so this buying guide will help you choose complementary appliances to make your movie nights more immersive.

Home Theatre Audio

Great video is simply not enough without equally astounding sound. Whoever enjoys watching TV with the sounds off? Investing in a Multi-Speaker Surround System ensures that you get cinematic sound and you hear what the film director wants you to hear.

Typically, surround sound systems have a minimum of five speakers where one is placed in the centre, two are placed at the front and the other two are at the rear. A subwoofer is added to improve the bass and produce more intense sound effects. This is referred to as a 5.1 Surround sound.

There is also the 7.1 surround sound which is ideal for viewing Blu-ray content.

These systems often come pre-packaged, although you can purchase individual units to suit your preferences as well as fit the type of media and content that you’ll be viewing.

Media Player

A good media player is something that supports multiple audio and video formats and is able to deliver them in great picture quality consistently. It also defines the sound that comes out of your speaker setup.

DVD players were the prevalent media players of previous years, but Blu-ray players are also gaining ground as more homes adopt TV sets with higher resolutions. Blu-ray films have greater video quality and richer sound, and simply give better immersion to the viewer.

There are also bundled media player and sound system offers online, but buying factory 2nds can give you savings while still getting you quality products and an immersive viewing and listening experience.