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Buying Guide - Fridges & Freezers

Smart Electrical Buying Guide - Fridges and Freezers

There is an extremely diverse selection of fridges and freezers on the market today and choosing one that fits your needs can prove to be a daunting task. But nonetheless, you’ll need one in your home. Read on to create an intelligent decision when buying your fridge with our buying guide.


Before anything else, you should consider the capacity of the fridge and freezer that you are buying. The size of your family is the biggest factor in determining what size is just right for your household. A family of 2 would need around 200-380 litres, while 3 or more will require about 350 litres, above depending on the type of food and ingredients you use.

If you are unsure, it’s advised that you go for the fridge with the larger capacity since extra space could always be good for storing vegetables, meat, and other food products.

You should also consider the layout of the area where you’ll install the fridge to make sure that the space is optimised.


After determining the size, the next should be type. There are fridges with freezers built on the top if you store more frozen foods. There are also fridges with the freezers at the bottom if you use the refrigerated section more, giving you easier access to fruits and vegetables as the crisper bin is at the top. One setback that this may give is that the amount of freezer storage space could be smaller than what you need.

There are also side by side fridges where there is a freezer on the left and the refrigerator is located on the right while the doors open sidewards. This gives you more freezer space although the fridge section is still noticeably bigger. These types of fridges come in larger varieties with capacities of usually 500-800 litres.

There are also 3 and 4 door fridges that are ideal for large families. These are also known as French Doors and offer a refrigerator section at the top and the freezer at the bottom. The extra width of this type of fridge allows you to store wider platters like cakes and pizzas.

Pigeon Pairs are two separate but matching units for the freezer and fridge, giving it a uniform look while also offering generous space for your groceries and is a good purchase for large families. You can also purchase these individually (i.e. Fridge only or Freezer only).

For households where there are not much space like dorms and apartments, a bar fridge is often more appropriate.

Lastly, Chest Freezers are appliances that only use up 150 litres up to 700 litres. This means that you can choose one that exactly suits your needs. These are also generally more energy-efficient as cold air doesn’t escape too much when you open them, as opposed to fridge and freezer combinations.

Other Factors

There are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing a refrigeration unit for practical and aesthetic purposes.

There are refrigerators that feature stainless steel for its clean and professional look, although plain white doors are still preferred for its easy maintenance.

Interior lighting, temperature and humidity controls, and adjustable glass shelves are interior functions that you may want to consider as these have an effect on the type of foods that you store and how you go about it. Other features regarding the interior would be air deodorisers and anti-bacterial agents to prevent unwanted contamination from the varying types of food stored in a fridge.

On the outside, the opening direction of the doors, the availability of water and ice dispensers and ventilation are the factors consider since they have an effect on how you access your refrigerated goods. LG offers a large range of door-in-door and plumbing free ice & water dispenser options.  Since this modern fridge already has its own water tank, you don’t need to install any pipes.

Lastly, check out the energy rating of the fridge that you are prospecting to get additional savings on your electric bill.